Our aim is simple: the highest quality service in custom-made peptides and antibodies

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The highest quality of target specific custom polyclonal antibodies

Custom monoclonal antibody production service for generating antibodies in perpetuity

Cambridge Research Biochemicals, CRB, specialises in custom peptide and custom antibody production for research and industry. For more information about how to buy peptides or buy antibodies contact us today.

For off the shelf peptides go to Discovery Peptides our new online peptide catalogue.

To purchase antibodies online please go to Discovery Antibodies for a range of off the shelf antibody tools.

  • Pure Peptides

    Synthesis of standard, long or modified peptides

  • Sectrum Peptides

    Peptides labelled with the most comprehensive set of dyes available

  • Peak Peptides

    Rapid synthesis of peptides containing stable isotope labelled amino acids

  • PepArray

    CRB’s multiple custom peptide synthesis and production service

  • Spectrum Anitbodies

    Fluorescent labelling of primary antibodies

  • Dy Selector

    For expert advice on labelling peptides, proteins or antibodies with fluorescent dyes, please use our dye selector