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Cambridge Research Biochemicals is a leading independent producer of custom-made peptide and antibody tools, supplying researchers in the pharmaceutical, life science and academic sectors worldwide. The primary applications of its products are as custom-made, laboratory scale reagents for proof of principle studies within early phase drug discovery and to support biomarker programmes in clinical studies. The company produces all flavours of peptides from simple to modified, stable and radio-labelled to dye labelled from milligrams to gram-scale to the highest levels of purity. CRB has an enviable track record for generating target specific antibodies with modifications and labelling.



“We were delighted when Cambridge Research Biochemicals were able to help us generate and purify the mutant-specific antibodies – this was a risky project and downstream work was wholly dependent on this being successful”

“What really surprised us was that the production of such reagents is far from commonplace. For example hundreds of different phospho-specific antibodies have been developed, but only a handful of mutant-specific ones. The purified antibodies from Cambridge Research Biochemicals exceeded our expectations and have already provided new insights into tumour biology.”

CRB carefully designed peptide sequences to ensure generation of two highly specific affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies against mutant Histone H3 proteins.

Anti-Histone H3 G34R mutant-specific antibody can be bought here crb2005185 as cited in Haque et al. (2017) Acta Neuropathol Commun.5(1):45. PMID: 28587626

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Associate Professor Robert Layfield, University of Nottingham

Professor Robert Layfield, University of Nottingham