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Cambridge Research Biochemicals offers the full emission spectra of fluorescent labelled peptides: Spectrum™ Peptides.


CRB has the most comprehensive range available of licenced and free-to-use activated fluorescent dyes for labelling peptides.


CRB brings twenty years of experience of labelling peptides with fluorescent dyes and will advise on the synthesis strategy for most efficient use of dye and hence cost-effectiveness.



CRB provides a dye selector tool and a technical support service to best match dye choice with intended application and excitation source.

Licenced Proprietary dye range:

  • Cy™ dyes from GE-Amersham Biosciences
  • Alexa Fluor ® dyes from Invitrogen-Molecular Probes
  • ATTO dyes from Atto-Tec
  • Black Hole Quenchers from Biosearch Technologies


CRB can now offer a custom dye design and synthesis option for development of dyes for specific projects which need to vary structure, reactivity or charge of dyes including new derivatives.


Leave it to the experts, contact CRB Discovery for all your fluorescent labelling needs be it peptide, protein, antibody or small molecule.


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