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Rapid Peptide Synthesis

Trust the peptide company Pharmaceutical
companies trust - trust CRB.

  • Prices start from £200
  • Rapid turnaround guaranteed, 1-2 weeks!

The pioneers of Fmoc-solid phase synthesis and now UK distributors for PNA (Peptide Nucleic Acid) custom synthesis and Fmoc-monomers. We offer a comprehensive custom peptide synthesis service comprising simple and complex oligomers for research use.


Our Peptide offering includes:

  • Protein & terminal modifications a speciality
  • Expertise in Phosphorylated peptides for kinase studies
  • Exclusive licences for labelling peptides with both GE-Amersham's Cy™ dyes and Invitrogen-Molecular Probes Alexa Fluor® range
  • Radio-isotope labelled peptides design & supply (Carbon-14, Tritium & Iodine-125)
  • Stable-isotope labelled peptide advice and provision for protein quantitation (Carbon-13, Nitrogen-15 and Deuterium)
  • N and C Biotinylation pairs and conjugation strategy recommendations
  • Largest range of Fluorescent dyes available for attachment to peptides for FRET and Fluorescence Polarisation studies.
  • Excess peptide material stored for future use
  • Quantity range from mgs to grams
  • Founded in 1980 in Cambridge, a spin-out from MRC-LMB



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