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Here at Cambridge Research Biochemicals we have over 15 years experience in the design, production and purification of target specific antibodies.

We can help you generate highly specific phospho or neo-epitope motif directed antibodies and have spent years perfecting the art of making these.

Phospho-Specific Antibodies

Critical Success Factors:

  • Experience – CRB has generated both single and multiple phospho-amino acid containing peptides for phospho-antibody generation for over a decade.
  • Design – CRB can support in the design of the phosphorylated peptide antigen and conjugation strategy for best results.
  • Peptide Synthesis – CRB is the second oldest peptide company and promotes the use of highly purified peptides for optimal immune response.
  • Optimisation – Affinity and depletion purification strategies have been refined to produce clean and high titre phospho-antibodies.
  • Technology – CRB works with the novel non-hydrolysable phospho-mimetic amino acids available to achieve greater response.
Site-Specific Antibodies

We can tailor our immunisation programmes to meet the desired goal for a site specific antibody and employ tactical purification strategies .

Pan-Specific Antibodies

Pan-specific Antibodies can also be generated as an additional research reagent in the process of generating site-specific antibodies. In addition Cambridge Research Biochemicals offers labelling of antibodies and antibody validation, please inquire.

CRB provides both custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody services and can offer special collaborative deals for non-exclusivity on commercially interesting projects.

CRB operates to ISO9001:2000 Quality Management system and under DOH safety guidelines

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements or click here to request a quotation.


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