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17 Jun 2004

CyDye™ – labelled peptides direct from CRB

CRB has now strengthened its relationship with GE Healthcare (formerly Amersham Biosciences) and is now the world exclusive licensed supplier of custom Cydye™ labelled peptides. CRB is synonymous with providing high quality peptides and complex labelling syntheses, and therefore is the natural partner of choice for GE Healthcare’s Fluorescent Screening Reagents business. CyDye™ fluorophores are a popular choice for labelling in a variety of fluorescence based applications including drug screening and assay development.

These mono-reactive CyDye™ fluors contain a single reactive group which is particularly well suited to targeted labelling of biomolecules such as peptides, antibodies, drugs and oligonucleotides. Below is a list of the Cy dye fluors currently available for labelling to peptides or other biomolecules:

Mono reactive NHS Ester, maleimide and free acid CyDye fluors: Cy3 Cy3.5, Cy3B, Cy5, Cy5.5, Cy5Q, Cy7, Cy7Q

Two types of Cy dye labelled peptides are available:

Mono-labelled peptides:

Peptides labelled with a single fluorophore (e.g. Cy3B or Cy5) usually at the N-terminus or to an appropriate amino acid residue side-chain (e.g. cysteine or lysine) can be utilized in fluorescence polarisation assays.

FRET pairs:

Dual-labelled peptides where a Cy dye (donor) is attached to one end of the peptide (usually, N-terminus) and a Cy dye (quencher) is attached to the other end (usually, C-terminus via Lysine or Cysteine) can be used in FRET assays. Suitable donor and quencher pairs are Cy3/Cy3B and Cy5Q or Cy5 and Cy7Q.

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