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3 Feb 2007

New on-line dye selector and project tracker

Cambridge Research Biochemicals, the business specialising in the chemical synthesis of peptides and the custom production of polyclonal antibodies, is providing an increased range of services via its new look website.

Through the website, researchers in both industry and academia will now be able to take advantage of an interactive dye selector for labelling peptides, track progress of antibodies’ projects and access more advanced information more quickly and simply.

The unique dye selector provides a list of alternative dyes at similar wavelengths to enable the most appropriate choice of dye for labelling peptides and proteins for research purposes. The selector makes it straightforward for scientists requiring a labelled peptide to choose the optimum dye based on their specific application and the attributes of each dye. Dyes from a number of specialist sources including GE Healthcare’s range of Cy™ dyes and Invitrogen-Molecular Probes’ Alexa Fluors™ are displayed for a one-stop selection process.

The site also links the dye selector to its advanced quotation system so simplifying the process to request a peptide for labelling. Researchers studying cell penetration or working in FRET applications will benefit from the dye selector.

The online tracking of antibody projects allows real-time access to information at all stages of production, and easy retrieval of data from both past and present projects. It additionally allows colleagues to share results effortlessly.

Emily Humphrys (Commercial Director) at Cambridge Research Biochemicals, said, ‘This is good news for those with whom we do business. Being able to select the most suitable dyes for a variety of applications and molecules, and on-line tracking of projects in progress, will provide invaluable assistance to researchers.’

The re-launched website also provides a number of new features including advanced quotation and logging-on systems, and expanded details of the firm’s custom peptide and antibody offerings.

More can be found about these services at

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