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May Newsletter:

Target antibodies: Site-Specific Polyclonal Antibodies
Phosphospecific antibodies: Peptide Directed Antibodies
Westar kits: ECL Kits with improved Sensitivity and Stability

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Target Antibodies

Optimised Polyclonal Antibody Service

CRB has been a provider of first-class antibodies to the pharmaceutical industry since 1985. We bring both a chemical and biological perspective to antigen design, while our first-rate project management and purification strategies help guarantee a high success rate.

Free Consultation

  • Expert advice on the vital step of antigen selection
  • From either your target protein or peptide sequence

Superior Quality

  • We use only high quality animals housed in UK Home Office, USDA & NIH compliant facilities
  • A variety of species and screening strategies employed for best approach
  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Accreditation

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Project Management

  • Close involvement between CRB and client’s own goals to steer project
  • Fully-managed data from antibody generation programme
  • Data available in 'real time' via web portal, or in format specified by researcher

A Record of Success

At CRB we pride ourselves on the quality of our antibodies. According to customer feedback:

  • 100% of antibodies raised against peptide cross react with peptide antigen
  • 70% of these antibodies react with protein by Western Blot
  • Data available in 'real time' via web portal, or in format specified by researcher
Target Antibodies


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Peptide Directed Antibodies

The use of peptide facilitates the production of antibodies for those occasions where a protein may not work such as:

  • Post Translational Modification
    sites such as phosphorylation, glycosylation, sulphation, methylation, etc
  • Splice sites and neo-epitopes
  • Heterogeneous regions of
    conserved proteins
  • Cross-species antibodies
  • Transmembrane loops
Purification Diagram

To order

To order your polyclonal antibodies visit our website or telephone: 01642 567180
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 Westar Products

Westar: ECL Kits are a range of complete, ready-to-use kits for the horseradish peroxidase-based enhanced chemiluminescence detection (ECL) of immobilised proteins (Western Blot) and immobilised nucleic acids (Southern and Northern Blot).

Each kit consists of two reagents that just need mixing before use. The chemiluminescent signal generated by Westar reagents can be detected either by film or by digital cameras based on CCD sensors.


3 kits are available to suit most applications, ranging from the cost-effective Westar Nova, extended duration Westar XT and the extremely sensitive Westar Supernova

Western Blot ECL Detection
Western Supernova

For more information

For more information on Westar Products, or to place an order visit our website
or call 01642 567180

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